Special solutions for today’s market

If logistics is your business, then Waggonbau Graaff is the right partner for you. In addition to the examples from our product range shown on this website, we have a whole array of other products we can draw upon from our more than 100 years’ experience in freight car building.

Not only that, our engineers and technicians can develop special solutions for today’s market and to suit your particular area of application.

Anti-Climbing-System ACS 2013

The anti-climbing system 2013 (ACS 2013) is installed in tank wagons for dangerous goods and pressure tank cars in combination with crash buffers. It complies with the specific RID regulation TE25, clause a). The ACS 2013 prevents a vertical break-out of wagons during a crash.

Highlight of the ACS 2013 are the contact zones at the front of the anti-climbing device. Their design guarantees that – even with a crash of two wagons without vertical break-out – a restraint of the normal buffer function can be excluded.