Design and development

Our products are developed in our design department. Our expertise stretches all the way from component development to tank wagon and freight car development.
From the planning stage onwards, we draw up requirements and functional specifications together with our customers, tailoring these to current market conditions and the customer’s needs. This is followed by the actual design and development of the product until the final stage of registration and putting into operation.

Our products are developed within a fully integrated 3DCAD/ PDM/MRP system landscape. Our product specifications are determined using the FEM method, ensuring optimization as early on as the development stage.

All of the above means that an innovative product emerges at the end of the development chain, securing a competitive advantage and thus a better position in the market for our customers.

Due to many years of developing our own rail technology solutions, we are able to take advantage of existing designs and thereby reduce production times. This also gives our customers a significant advantage in terms of costs and time from the placing of the order to final delivery.